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Latest News

  • May 2019
    Skytech-AIC transaction wins prestigious airFinance Operating Lease Deal of the Year 2018 award . ....
  • March 2019-2
    airBaltic appoints Skytech-AIC to market four Boeing 737-300s and two Boeing 737-500s . . . 
  • March 2019
    Skytech-AIC's Julian Balaam elected to the main board of ISTAT at the ISTAT Conference in Orlando,...
  • February 2019
    Skytech-AIC appointed by airBaltic to arrange sale/leasebacks on next batch of 10 Airbus A220-300s...
  • December 2018-2
    Sale and leaseback of four new airBaltic A220-300s closed with Avation, arranged by Skytech-AIC . ....
  • December 2018
    Two ex-TUI Boeing 737-700s sold and delivered to AELS of the Netherlands . . . 
  • November 2018
    Letter of Intent executed for sale and leaseback finance of next six airBaltic Airbus A220s . . .
  • September 2018
    Skytech-AIC appointed by Kuwait Airways to market one 1998 GE-powered Boeing 777-200ER . . . 
  • July 2018-2
    airBaltic confirms Skytech-AIC appointment to arrange sale/leasebacks on further six new A220-300s...
  • July 2018-1
    CMB Leasing mandated in Skytech-AIC-arranged sale and leaseback of four Airbus A220-300s for...

Aircraft Finance

Skytech-AIC is one of very few entirely independent airfinance arrangers with no links to any financial institution - clients are guaranteed totally impartial advice.  A reputation for delivering market beating and, on occasions, benchmark-setting terms for their clients is confirmed by a client CFO comment:


In my experience, airlines which use Skytech-AIC to help structure and source their aircraft financings will have a definite, significant and sustained net commercial advantage over those which do not



Skytech-AIC's constant market presence monitors worldwide appetites among some 160+ lessor/equity providers and 50+ lenders.  Appetites change constantly e.g. in two similar transactions for a major client undertaken two years apart: the winner of the first competition achieved only 12th position second time around. And, illustrating the formidable effects of Skytech-AIC's competitions is the following comment from a Lessor who had failed to win a Skytech-AIC managed competition but succeeded in a simultaneous transaction for a near identical aircraft and terms:


“We only won because you guys were not involved!”


Airlines have elected to use Skytech-AIC for their aircraft financing needs for the following reasons:


  • the exceptional and demonstrable  market-leading results achieved by Skytech-AIC's sophisticated competitive tendering process
  • the significant genuine added value through improved transaction NPVs (price and lease rate) after allowing for Skytech-AIC's fees
  • the level of technical, financial and market expertise brought to each transaction
  • the breadth of market knowledge available: 65+ institutions worldwide accessed for each transaction
  • the dedicated level of personal service from initial ideas through to transaction closing
  • the significant reduction in workload on airline executives responsible for fleet financing activities
  • the quality of advice, and level of professionalism brought to the preparation of presentations, Requests for Proposal (generally regarded as "industry best") and other documentation