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Latest News

  • May 2019
    Skytech-AIC transaction wins prestigious airFinance Operating Lease Deal of the Year 2018 award . ....
  • March 2019-2
    airBaltic appoints Skytech-AIC to market four Boeing 737-300s and two Boeing 737-500s . . . 
  • March 2019
    Skytech-AIC's Julian Balaam elected to the main board of ISTAT at the ISTAT Conference in Orlando,...
  • February 2019
    Skytech-AIC appointed by airBaltic to arrange sale/leasebacks on next batch of 10 Airbus A220-300s...
  • December 2018-2
    Sale and leaseback of four new airBaltic A220-300s closed with Avation, arranged by Skytech-AIC . ....
  • December 2018
    Two ex-TUI Boeing 737-700s sold and delivered to AELS of the Netherlands . . . 
  • November 2018
    Letter of Intent executed for sale and leaseback finance of next six airBaltic Airbus A220s . . .
  • September 2018
    Skytech-AIC appointed by Kuwait Airways to market one 1998 GE-powered Boeing 777-200ER . . . 
  • July 2018-2
    airBaltic confirms Skytech-AIC appointment to arrange sale/leasebacks on further six new A220-300s...
  • July 2018-1
    CMB Leasing mandated in Skytech-AIC-arranged sale and leaseback of four Airbus A220-300s for...

Aircraft Marketing


The ability to market aircraft rapidly and efficiently has always formed a vital part of  Skytech-AIC's strategy to attract lenders into their operating lease financings and this service has increasingly been used by clients looking for the very best in aircraft marketing.  For example, in recent years, Skytech-AIC has conducted more 747-400 sale and lease transactions than any other independent organisation including the sale of three 747-400s on behalf of TUI Aviation GmbH.


To achieve excellence in aircraft marketing, Skytech-AIC has developed a bespoke in-house database which includes details of virtually all Western-built jet transports including their owners and lessees.  The database is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and is automatically linked to fax and email systems.

Skytech-AIC's proprietary database enables details of specific aircraft to be provided to all likely interested parties within a few hours of commencing the task. In one recent remarketing programme for Boeing 737-800 aircraft, details were provided to in excess of 500 potential owners, operators and lessors in 24 hours.


The aircraft marketing service includes the: 


  • preparation of detailed specifications and brochures,
  • identification of all likely purchasers,
  • distribution of specifications and brochures electronically and/or by hard copy to all likely interested parties,
  • evaluation of all offers received,
  • arrangement of technical inspections, and
  • assistance with negotiation of documentation through to closing and delivery


Successful sourcing/disposal activities have been concluded on aircraft types including Boeing 737-300, -500, -700 and -800, Boeing 747-300 and -400, Boeing 757, Bombardier CRJ200 and CRJ700, BAE146, ATR42 and Shorts 360.


Skytech-AIC are presently marketing the following aircraft for sale or lease:  


Type   Year of Build    MSN        Engines  Sale / Lease Available 
 A340-310  1995 089 CFM56-5C4  Sale  Immediate 
A340-310  1995


CFM56-5C4  Sale Immediate 
A340-310 1995 101 CFM56-5C4 Sale Immediate
A340-310 1995 104 CFM56-5C4 Sale Immediate
747-400C 1994 27338 CF6-80C2B1F Sale Immediate
777-200ER 1998 28744 GE90-90B Sale Immediate
737-300 1995 27454 CFM56-3B2 Sale November 2019
737-300 1999 29266 CFM56-3C1 Sale November 2019
737-300 1999 29267 CFM56-3C1 Sale November 2019
737-300 1999 30334 CFM56-3C1 Sale November 2019
737-500 1998 29073 CFM56-3C1 Sale November 2019
737-500 1999 29075 CFM56-3C1 Sale December 2019