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Latest News

  • May 2019
    Skytech-AIC transaction wins prestigious airFinance Operating Lease Deal of the Year 2018 award . ....
  • March 2019-2
    airBaltic appoints Skytech-AIC to market four Boeing 737-300s and two Boeing 737-500s . . . 
  • March 2019
    Skytech-AIC's Julian Balaam elected to the main board of ISTAT at the ISTAT Conference in Orlando,...
  • February 2019
    Skytech-AIC appointed by airBaltic to arrange sale/leasebacks on next batch of 10 Airbus A220-300s...
  • December 2018-2
    Sale and leaseback of four new airBaltic A220-300s closed with Avation, arranged by Skytech-AIC . ....
  • December 2018
    Two ex-TUI Boeing 737-700s sold and delivered to AELS of the Netherlands . . . 
  • November 2018
    Letter of Intent executed for sale and leaseback finance of next six airBaltic Airbus A220s . . .
  • September 2018
    Skytech-AIC appointed by Kuwait Airways to market one 1998 GE-powered Boeing 777-200ER . . . 
  • July 2018-2
    airBaltic confirms Skytech-AIC appointment to arrange sale/leasebacks on further six new A220-300s...
  • July 2018-1
    CMB Leasing mandated in Skytech-AIC-arranged sale and leaseback of four Airbus A220-300s for...

Technical Services

To support and complement Skytech-AIC’s aircraft investment and management activities the company offers comprehensive technical support specifically geared to aircraft operators, owners and financiers.  The company provides a highly flexible service that can be individually tailored to suit individual specific requirements. 


Skytech-AIC’s range of technical services are designed to ensure client’s financial risk is minimised, assets are secure and values are maintained.  Skytech-AIC assesses all risk factors in order to draw the right conclusions for client’s investments.  Whether appointed to make a comprehensive inspection of an aircraft for lease termination, prospective purchase, investment or sale, or for long term asset management, Skytech-AIC’s approach is adapted to meet client’s needs.  Skytech-AIC range of services comprise of the following disciplines:


Aircraft Build and Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Aircraft physical condition inspections
  • Review and audit of historical technical records
  • Airworthiness Directive compliance
  • Modification status
  • Structural Repair assessment
  • Serialised component certification
  • Engine status


Technical Records Audits  

  • Airframe, engines, spares and equipment appraisals
  • Review and audit of historical technical records
  • ‘Back-to birth’ traceability
  • Airworthiness Directive compliance
  • Structural repair certification
  • Component certification


Aircraft Operating Lease Technical Management Services

  • Aircraft acquisition inspections
  • Calculation of maintenance reserves
  • Operating lease technical wording
  • Advice concerning maintenance inspections
  • Airworthiness Directive and modification assessment
  • Lease return inspections
  • Pre and mid lease inspections
  • Monitoring of maintenance costs
  • Technical support for aircraft remarketing


Airline Technical Audits and Risk Surveys

  • Assessment of airline / operator maintenance facilities, procedures and practices
  • Advice concerning improvements and risk assessment 


Maintenance Check Technical Representation

  • Monitoring the completion of scheduled heavy maintenance ‘C’ and ‘D’-checks
  • Advice concerning defect rectification procedure
  • Confirming maintenance checks are performed in accordance with the agreed work package and are completed in compliance with recognised industry standards
  • Ensuring the aircraft meets lease return conditions inspections
  • Monitoring of maintenance costs
  • Aircraft acquisition inspections